A guide to working with your personal Car Profile

Each member of the 75 & ZT Enthusiasts has their own profile, which contains information such as Real Name, Location, preferred club region etc. To view this profile, simply click on the relevant username wherever it might appear within the forum. Examples are in one of the two memberlists, in returns from "Unread Posts", in forum indexes and in the mini-profile. The latter is the small box to the left of any post within a topic which also includes the user's avatar and joined date etc


As well as the full profile, we also provide a customised Car Profile which members can use to display details about their 75 or ZT. This can be very useful when asking questions about model specific issues, as other members can then tailor their responses to suit the car


On registration, each member is asked to fill in details about their car, which is then added to their profile when their forum account is created. Of course, this can also be edited by the individual by visiting their profile, accessed via the User Control Panel, or clicking here


We now also offer an opportunity for members to add a personalised car image to accompany their Car Profile . To add this simply visit your profile as described above, or by clicking the link, and then scroll down to near the bottom of the page to find the field Car Image. Into this box, you will need to insert a link to an image of your choice which can be hosted wherever you like (Photobucket, Flickr etc). If you do not have accounts such as these, we can host images here too, although of course having them elsewhere saves our server space! If you need us to host an image, please contact Mr Hyde. Once you have your image in place wherever it is being stored, get the URL and then pop it into the Car Image field, wrapped in IMG tags, so it will appear something like this




And that's it! Once the image is place, it will appear on your own Car Profile


The only restrictions on the images are:-

  • Size must be no larger than 1100 pixels wide x 600 pixels high *
  • They must be photos of the car in your profile!

* We have increased the image size from 150 x 150, as this was too small to be of any use! You can add a larger image than specified above, but if you do, it won't all display at once. The box the image appears in is limited in size to preserve the page layout, so if you do choose a larger image, you'll have to scroll around to view it all. NOTE: Some browsers will show scroll bars, but others may not. The latter will be the case on most Smartphones, tablets etc. If you see an oversize image and no scrollbars, simply click and hold, then move the image around


You can now add a personalised Car Bio to your profile. This is at the bottom of your profile page, and can take up to 20,000 characters, so plenty of room to put lots of information! This field can be formatted just like a post or PM. If you want to add formatting, the best method is to visit your PM section in the UCP and then "Compose Message" (or click here) and then type up your bio into the posting area, and add any formatting you want. Click "preview" to check the results, and once you are happy, copy the lot and paste it into your Car Bio field on you profile page


We've recently upgraded the Car Profile page as follows:-

  • If a user has no car details added for first or second car, an information message will appear in this area
  • If no model is selected, but the other car details are present, the information box mentioned above will appear **
  • If they have one car, one box will appear, and for two cars, two boxes
  • Depending on model selected, a small logo will also appear - a Viking Ship for Rover and Octagon for MG
  • If no photo is present, the image box will not appear
  • There is a button to show/hide the bio. This is to keep a neat page layout when opening the page. Click to open a bio, and once again to close it. Note that, if a user has not added a bio, then a simple pop-up will appear to confirm this

** If a model is present with no further details, or partial details, this will still display the logo, but if the model is missing, regardless of which other fields are present, then the information message appears instead


Each Car Profile page has an "Edit your own profile" button in the footer which links you directly to your own profile page, to allow you to modify your details. When you are viewing the Car Profile page for another member, you will see a "View your own profile" button on the footer. (Note: This does not appear on your own page, as you are already there!). For convenience, these two buttons are also included below. Please note that their colour and message will change once you hover over them. As well as this, your profile editing page in your UCP has a "View your own profile" button on the footer, allowing you to switch between editing and viewing easily. Finally there is a new button on the UCP which allows you to preview your car image (note: This must have been added and submitted, by pressing the submit button at the bottom of the page, for the preview to function). This allows you to quickly check that your image URL works, and also to see how the image will appear. In case you forget to close the new window in which the image appears, it will auto close after approx one minute.


If you are enjoying looking at the images and bio's that other members have posted, an easy way to view more is to click the Browse button that you will find at the bottom of every profile page. This will take you to a memberlist style page that lists all of those members who have added either a Car Image or a Car Bio. If you'd like to see just those members who have added both, you can also click the "Both" button which you will find at the top of this list, and then, if you want to go back, click the "Either" button which sits in the same place. From each of these lists, click the relevant line to go to that member's profile


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